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Long Time Sun Apparel, a Boutique for the Mind Body & Spirit was born from a creative spark and a lot of love from the universe. In July 2014, Kyla Rose Maher presented the idea to open a spiritually focused boutique that would serve as an event center for yoga, meditation, and higher consciousness in Newport, Rhode Island. In a matter of hours via social media, she received an overwhelmingly supportive response. Shortly after, she filmed a video and created a Kickstarter Campaign inviting people to be part of the project. The hope was that the space would raise the vibration of the area by providing support, products, and events for the bourgeoning holistic community in Newport, Rhode Island. The project generated tremendous interest and the Kickstarter goal of $10,000 was reached in an impressive 11 days with a total contribution upwards of $13,000. A tiny spark truly resonated with hundreds and in the blink of an eye Long Time Sun Apparel Newport was born!

We’d like to acknowledge some of the contributors of this project.  Thank you for helping to create this space and RAISE the vibration. We love you!


Debra Boyette

Sarah Shoen

April OMalley

Cindi A. Assad

Patrick Golden

Nola Ganem

Erica Buchanan

Ramdesh Kaur

Jean Carrillo

Renee Matos


Katie Twist Rowlinson

Amie Nicole

Kat Rivera

Virginia Bunting

Carolyn Hintlian

Ben Aalvik

Sara mcbride

Helena Touhey

Buddy Rieger

Brigid Conlon

Will E Keyser

Nicole Richards

Jean Conway

Jennifer Brewster

Amy Germain

Ali Brown

Karen Puerini-Razza

Nicole Acevedo


Tricia Juliano

Sukhpran Kaur Khalsa

Debbie Young

Melissa Mae Flaherty

Alexandra Lio

Nikki Rae

Joe Longo

Jenna Zabala

Alicia Barry

Laurie Harris

Annie Nichols

Island Heron Yoga Studio

Stephen Viveiros

Jennifer Apollonio

Jennifer Chyten Jope

Katie Ratkiewicz

Tammy Lee

Elise Recupero

Merritt Walsh

Matt Collinson

Rebecca Guaraldi

Alyson Shabad Atma Simms

Sarah Izzo (Paramdesh Kaur)

Christine Chase

Sat Kartar Kaur Khalsa

Ann Mollicone

Pamela Lurie

Adi Brief

Saul Krasny

Chandradev Kaur

Siri Bani Kaur

Courtnay Meletta

Kathy Kroger

G. Spencer Berger


jean puerini

Lauren Rupp

Gregory Pearson

Meditation Group at Innerlight

Sarah Maher

Mary Grinnell

Tim Jones

Jean Riesman

John Coyne

Peter Stephan

Cheryl Hinkson

Liz Dufresne

Amy Stewart

CeaCe Nicklaw

Sandi OBrien

Tim Comeau

Robert Radnoti

Melinda ManyNames Wilkins

Theresa Pickett Hay

Mark Sullivan

Carol Manchester

Devjeet Singh

Theresa Banks

Elizabeth Kinder

Heather Hatcher

Victoria L Mele

Amy Webber

Emily DaSilva

Emily Castonguay

Kate Brierley

Patti Doyle

Tim Cassese

Kate Rocchio Sparks

Adrian Massie

Christopher Hunter

David Allard

Ajeetdev Kaur

Isaiah Osofisan

Kc Solaris

Michelle Maher

Gregory Rodger

Maya Knowles

Simrit Kaur Khalsa

Erin Odell

Daphne Kalaidjian

Alan S Corcoran

Roxanne Sardelli Greenway

Stephen Maher

Josie Rock

Eileen Doris Raposa

Sat Kriya Kaur

Dhanbir Singh

Lexa Chernin

Dharm Khalsa

Emily Royce