September 1st | Soul Retrieval


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Soul Retrieval: Reclaiming Parts of our Lost Soul


Join us for an evening of Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, and a Shamanic Inspired Soul Retrieval Journey. Kyla will start off the night, leading us through some energetic practices from the Kundalini Yoga tradition to get us grounded for our journey.  Keri will talk about Soul Retrieval and then will take us on a journey to recover and reclaim parts of us we have intentionally lost.

Wear loose comfortable clothing, bring a blanket and a journal.

About Kyla Rose Maher:

Kyla is a long time Kundalini Yoga enthusiast, student, and certified teacher. She owns Long Time Sun Apparel, a Kundalini Yoga clothing and lifestyle brand, and has a brick and mortar boutique and event center in Newport, RI. Influences include Guru Singh, Hari Kaur, Wim Hoff, Marie Forleo, and of course, Yogi Bhajan. She’s certified in SuperHealth, Kundalini Yoga for Addiction Recovery and will be certified in Trauma Informed Yoga through the Purple Dot Yoga Project this Fall. Her mission behind her brand and her teaching is to present Kundalini Yoga in an accessible, grounded, authentic way. She teaches a weekly class in Newport, and has experience teaching retreats and workshops around the world.

About Keri Ports:

Keri is a psychic/medium/yogi based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She travels around the globe giving readings and teaching workshops at yoga festivals and yoga studios. During readings, Keri connects to a person or animal’s energy and communicates with this energy telepathically. Spirit, in the form of a loved one, pet, spirit guide, angel also speak directly through her. All messages relayed are meant for your highest and greatest good, serving as both a tool for healing as well as guidance on your path towards your divine purpose. Keri works with you in person, by phone or on skype. Find out more about her at


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