Kundalini Yoga Every Tuesday Night


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Weekly Kundalini Yoga with rotating teacher 6-7:15PM $12. To view the schedule of teachers click HERE.

Kundalini Yoga is a 5,000-year-old system of yogic exercises and meditation that is designed to give you a “hands on” experience of your highest consciousness. There are three basic components to Kundalini Yoga. There are the physical postures, thousands of kriyas (exercise sets) that strengthen the nervous system and balance the glandular system for optimum physical and emotional health.

Breathing techniques (pranayam) help in processing emotions and feelings, relieving stress, and developing concentration. Mantra (sound, or Naad Yoga) and meditation techniques work to direct and discipline the mind. The practice of this yoga offers powerful tools for developing one’s own higher consciousness and increasing wellbeing, vitality, and connectedness to life.


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