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About Us

aboutLong Time Sun Apparel, a Boutique for the Mind Body & Spirit was born from a creative spark and a lot of love from the universe. In July 2014, Kyla Rose Maher presented the idea to open a spiritually focused boutique that would serve as an event center for yoga, meditation, and higher consciousness in Newport, Rhode Island. In a matter of hours via social media, she received an overwhelmingly supportive response. Shortly after, she filmed a video and created a Kickstarter Campaign inviting people to be part of the project. The hope was that the space would raise the vibration of the area by providing support, products, and events for the bourgeoning holistic community in Newport, Rhode Island. The project generated tremendous interest and the Kickstarter goal of $10,000 was reached in an impressive 11 days with a total contribution upwards of $13,000. A tiny spark truly resonated with hundreds and in the blink of an eye Long Time Sun Apparel Newport was born!

In October 2015, Kyla teamed up with Patti Doyle, owner of Thames Street Yoga. They decided to make the most of the space at 198 Thames Street, and bring their two business together under one roof.

The boutique is unique in that it doubles both as a yoga studio & yoga lifestyle boutique.  The space houses beautiful wooden clothing racks built on wheels, which create a moveable layout.  You’ll find consciously made goods imported from Thailand, India, Peru, top of line yoga clothing, yoga mats, meditation cushions, malas, incense, gifts, and a multitude of other products that support a yogic lifestyle.  Boutique by day, yoga studio by morning and night!  Kyla teaches Kundalini Yoga every Tuesday night at 6PM, and Thames Street Yoga offers a variety of classes throughout the week.